This is a Forex trading EA - Forex Automation Software

Forex trading (FX) can sometimes be frustrating and 95% of traders lose their money due to lack of knowledge or because of attaching their emotions to trades.  Some traders get fearful of losing hence they make bad trading decisions that can negatively impact their trading accounts. One way to avoid this issue would be to use an Expert Advisor or EA.

An EA is an automated trading system, which automatically opens and closes trades based on preset rules.

Our EA is designed to keep you profitable by mitigating losses. It uses multiple strategies and has a news filter incorporated within the algorithm.

Hawk FX Trader EA uses a pattern created on a 1HR time chart and places buys and sells based on the most current market conditions so you can trade SAFELY.

Utilizing an automated system like Hawk FX Trader EA can be an amazing way to automate the process of trading, spend less time on charts, and allow you to be profitable while you work at your job, your business, or simply out enjoying your personal life!

Most importantly, unlike a human, this robot doesn't have emotions hence making it safer to trade.

Hawk FX Trader EA uses our preset strategy rules like breakouts and also using hedging to help you become a profitable Forex trader from Day #1!

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Once you make your payment we will email you the activation form to fill out. Once we receive your request, you will receive the EA and an installation guide in your inbox within 24hrs.

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